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About Us

Let’s start a more thorough explanation. Add a new page or Cloud template. Now, since this is a test, name the page whatever you want. Open the tagDiv Composer on it and add a Title for the page, and a Flex Block 1.

Modify the margins, padding, text formatting, add colors to the title, hide or show elements of the meta info, exactly like you desire. Moreover, remember you can always revert any changes with the undo button! Once you obtain the perfect layout, Save the settings. Now, let’s move the created row with all of its elements on a new page. Therefore, right click on the row and select Copy.

Navigate to a new page and choose where to add your row. This time, with the command menu opened, pick between Paste After or Paste Before. One choice places your copied row below a different element while the other above it. Don’t confuse it with the Duplicate option, since the copy and paste tools come with position functions and work between tabs.

You could also use the Copy and Paste tools for a consistent design across various pages. No need to drag and drop the same element multiple times on a page! Use the new menu to duplicate it.


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